Cartoon Physics Pt. 1 By Nick Flynn Summary

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The poem “Cartoon Physics Pt. 1” is a poem written by the poet Nick Flynn and was published first in Flynn’s book Some Ether in 2000. The poem itself is a great example of a Lyric, free verse poem and one could even go so far as to say it is an example of a prose. As the poem follows conventional sentence structure with periods and commas. While it is hard to tell who is narrating this poem it is highly likely that it is the author Flynn. The poem opens with scenes that are quite very alien and then shifts into more familiar imagery. Dividing the poem into stanzas is difficult as it shifts from three lines to one than two and so on and so forth without any rhyme or reason; with twenty seven lines in the poem, all without any rules of rhyming, it makes it slightly harder. The easiest way to look at this poem is to break it into sections of meaning. The sections most supportable are from lines one-five, five-ten, ten-eighteen, eighteen-twenty three and twenty three-twenty six with most lines being split between two sections. As a whole the poem seems to form a conceit, representing the innocence of childhood. Through comparing the large and the small. As evidence by its stating that kids should not focus on the large, uncontrollable and unfathomable events the universe has to offer instead…show more content…
Some key lines are lines such as “At ten we are still learning the rules of cartoon animation” (6-7). This line is where the poem shifts from the large and unfamiliar to the small and familiar. Another significant line is “A child places her hand on the roof of a school bus, & drives across a city of sand” (19-21). This is a line that helps to emphasize the fact of imagination. Obviously it is not an actual “city of sand” it is a figure of speech for a sand box and of course it’s not a full school bus it is a toy school bus. With this line the idea of a child’s imagination is

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