Film Analysis: The Smartest Guys In The Room

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The Smartest Guys in the Room film was about the outrage with respect to the breakdown of the Enron Corporation in 2001. It looks at the staggering ascent and fall of Enron, which was at one point the seventh biggest organization in the United States. This said embarrassment is viewed as one of the biggest business outrages in the historical backdrop of the United States. A few of the organization's top administrators were attempted in court for plundering their organization and degrading its stock, making a huge number of workers jobless and leaving their speculators, while they stashed a great many dollars. The film likewise demonstrated the organization's inclusion in the California electric emergency. Much accentuation is appeared on the ethical side of the story. It demonstrated the a large number of representatives being sacked, and the identities of Kenneth Lay, Jeffrey Skilling, Lou Pai, and Andy Fastow. The film indicated how the organization did for all intents and purposes everything to cover the its actual state and make it seem gainful. It additionally demonstrated how the organization's top administrators could keep their millions while the representatives and financial specialists were left without a thing.…show more content…
Lay is the author of Enron. Two or three years after the organization's foundation, it got to be included with an outrage about wagering in the oil markets. This brought about reliably high benefits, which drew suspicion. The organization's CEO at the time was additionally said to be moving organization cash into seaward records. Kenneth Lay, on the other hand, denies having any information about these wrongdoings. Lay then contracts Jeff Skilling, who is regularly said to be a visionary, as the new CEO of the

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