William The Conqueror's Feudal System

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William’s form of government was a negative change for England. He made decisions that may of been to his advantage, but not to the peoples advantage. William was not just called “William the Conqueror” for no reason. He was very eager to capture as much land as he could and rule all the people who lived there. At the beginning of William’s reign, the people of England rebelled. William sent his soldiers and himself out all over England to punish both guilty and innocent people for their actions. He burned down their homes, making many people homeless. He even burnt down farms, making food very scarce. He made a point of telling the people that as long as he was around, no one would mess around with him, because he had the most power and he could do anything that he pleased. This event that occured was known as “The Harrying of the North”. It was a negative change for England because if his citizens were frightened and furious with him, they would not…show more content…
The Feudal System had a big impact on how he ran society, because each person was put down in a certain place, and they were never allowed to step up or step down from that level. For each class, the citizens were treated with a certain amount of respect and sometimes they were treated with no respect at all. This really impacted England because from that day that William brought forth the Feudal System, around ninety percent of the people were peasants and were treated with no respect at all. Their lives were repetitive and each day was filled with terror of getting beaten, and working day and night until every bone in their body ached. The Feudal System impacted England because if there was a war or some type of attack that broke out, the peasants would be ordered to fight. But many of them would disobey, because they would rather be accused of cowardism instead of serving a ruler that they disrespected and

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