Cyclohexane Lab Report

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Task 2 Scientific principles Step A- Pile the seaweed up on the tin lid supported on a tripod and begin heating with a strong blue Bunsen burner flame. You need to add a portion at a time during the heating, as you need a lot to be turned it to ash. Once you have finished with the heating you need about a dessert spoon full of ash. We piled to seaweed in to a tin lid on a tripod on top of the Bunsen burner to make sure the seaweed would burn and turn into ash so we can start extracting the iodine. Step B- Boil the ash with a 20cm3 beaker of distilled water. Filter when it is still hot. The filtered solution will need to be collected and will turn clear and allow it to cool. We boiled water with the ash in it to extract the iodine into the water so we can extract it from the water by using a funnel.…show more content…
A brown colour should appear when you add these chemicals so locate the iodine presence. Transfer the solution in to the funnel and add 10cm3 of cyclohexane. Use the stopper and your thumb to make sure the liquid doesn’t fall out when you shake it vigorously for about 30 seconds. When the funnel is inverted make sure release the pressure Iodine is soluble in a cyclohexane layer therefore when you have poured it into the funnel it will separate because all the impurities will stay in the aqueous layer and the organic solvent will float to the

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