Essay On Prescription Drug Safety

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Substance abuse is one of the most dangerous addictions that can happen to a person. This relates to a person either begin addicted to alcohol or drugs or maybe both. When begin addicted to drugs or alcohol it can come from generations that has been addicted to this disease. Some of the people that you may see on the streets would probably be your typical user, but there are some drugs that are being used by your everyday “girl or boy next door” types. Many people are under the impression that substance abuse is easy to overcome; when in fact for many substance abuse is a disease that is hard to cure. Individual is using the substance because it makes them feel good, or good changes their emotions that they are feeling. Furthermore, substance…show more content…
These health risks can cause their bodies to break down, to withdrawal, low birth weights, anxiety, hostility, and paranoia. As society people sends lots of money on prescription drugs to fix whatever mental problems they are having. According to Alcohol and prescription drug safety in older adult`s issues that “Prescription drug safety is likely to become more of an issue in the future with the aging of baby boomers, due to reports of heavier drinking in this age group compared with earlier cohorts.14 However, prescription drug safety is a largely under recognized and undermanaged health issue.” (pg. 14). So by use prescription drugs heavy can cause health problems and can use that client to overdose on that drug. In addition most teens use prescription drug to get high and release stress from the pain they are going through. As it states in Prescription Drug Abuse “The 2010 SAMHSA survey indicated that individual`s age 12 to 55 years report the highest rates of nonmedical use of prescription drugs. The rate of abuse of prescription drugs was 5.9% among young adults age 18 to 25 years.” (pg. 198). This shows that with teen they are putting themselves at risk to

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