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There is not one single experience that has influenced my decision to attend college or to major in criminology. It started at a very young age when I became interested in mystery novels. Over the last several years, there have been many different career paths that I have considered, but I always came back to criminology. I've always wanted to do something involving helping others and changing people's lives. There are many different ways, through criminology, that I will be able to do this. Right now, I have recieved my first paralegal certificate and I am working on my advanced paralegal certificate. I will then go on to receive a criminal investigations certificate. Once I have completed college and have received my bachelor's degree, my…show more content…
I have been very ambitious all my life and graduated highschool a year early at 17. I graduated with a 3.97 GPA and I made a 26 the first and only time I took the ACT test. My ambitious nature will be carried over into my college years. I plan on working through a couple of summers and I would like to be able to graduate from college a year early as well. I believe that every person has a career path that God has chosen for them and they are equipped with the abilities to pursue it throughout their lives. I grew up in church and I have a love for God that, I believe, will enable me to be compassionate with victims and their families as well as the criminals who victimized them. I am a very observant person and I am very good at problem solving. One of my favorite family activities is to watch criminal tv shows. My entire family races to figure out who committed the crime and how/why they did it. I've loved reading and watching mysteries my whole life and I love the satisfaction I receive when I am able to solve the mystery before the end. I have experienced first hand how the criminal justice system works by working alongside lawyers and

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