Crime On College Campuses Research Paper

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Crime on college campuses has been increasing and creating a big problem for colleges and universities. Especially if upcoming freshman are looking at that specific university and they had a sexual assault problem on campus, the person looking at the college might not feel so safe going there. When your college campus is your home you are supposed to feel safe. Usually if you are a victim in a crime most of the times you’ll get scared to go to the police because you think that maybe they’ll come after you again. And that’s normal it’s just human instinct to be scared after something horrifying happens to you. Many crimes happen all the time on college campuses but not everyone reports them. There are many reasons as to why women and or men…show more content…
They might be scared that if they come forward they could be kicked out of the school for drinking when they shouldn’t have been. Also a major factor of not reporting is self-blame. Victims tend to blame themselves for being where they were or saying I should of done something different or I should have been more aware or done something to protect myself, etc. Also usually the victims that are assaulted are assaulted by acquaintances, which causes people to report the crime anonymously because they don’t want people to know that they were victimized. Since women usually know the person that had assaulted them, they usually won’t report it because they don’t feel as if they were raped. Out of 1,000 women students about 35 of them get assaulted in some time of way and with about 10,000 women there are about 350 that are victimized. About 1 in 5 women will experience rape or another form of sexual assault in college. Crime on college campuses are prevalent because usually not on every campus is a law enforcement personal walking around or standing around looking for crime. And usually by the time you hit the button for help someone could have already done something to you. Also unfortunately crime happens to a lot of people who are aware

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