Courtney Fink Diary

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On September 19, 2015, at approximately 07:15 hours. I was notified by Dispatch to report to 221 Wakefield Drive, Anytown, Virginia 12345. When arrived on scene at 221 Wakefield Drive knocked at the front door, but there was no answer. I than proceeded to the back on the house and noticed the back door was open where I enter through the unlocked door. Upon entry I found the victim, Courtney Fink Date of Birth 12/01/1993, dead on arrival in the home. Victim was wearing SpongeBob pajama pants with a white t-shirt that had a red my-sport logo with a grey air plane underneath it on the upper left side of the shirt. Home appeared to be in order. There was a suicide note that was written on the laptop in front of Ms. Fink written out to her dearest friend. Before leaving the home I sealed and tagged the victim’s IBM ThinkPad with (Serial NUMBER 06a279) and pills for evidence. I then notices the victim’s white and blue IPhone 5s and purple handbag on the kitchen table prior to leaving the premises.…show more content…
Now live on Main Street in Anytown, Virginia. Gabrielle Fink stated Courtney was bipolar for years and is good when she’s on her medication. Courtney wasn’t never suicidal to Gabrielle knowledge. We were very close and had been through a lot. Courtney met Zack Crandall on campus but they didn’t start dating until she was working at a store as a clerk for Best City and they dated for a while. Until Zack broke up with Courtney. Zack started hanging out with a group of guys off campus who worked with him in the reserves. Zack stated getting tattoos on his chest and smoking. Courtney didn’t break up with Zack, Zack broke up with Courtney he couldn’t handle her wild spending habits. She loves the Coach store. Fink stated Zack was never abusive to Courtney. Fink also state Courtney was a neat freak her house was never commonly in

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