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Sarah Conklin Mrs. Knuteson Science Period 1 17 November 2015 Barbie Controversy Almost every child in the United States has had, or has seen a barbie doll. You know, the perfect doll that was introduced to kids in 1959 as a harmless toy. But now to some kids it’s not just a toy, and it's causing severe problems that can lead to children's deaths. Girls who play with barbies are more likely to become unhappy with their body image, because of the unrealistic body image the dolls promote to kids. When the children see this most will attempt to emulate the doll's , leading to a risk that children will develop eating disorders. Barbies have been around since march 9th 1959, but not a a childs fashion doll that you all thought, but what it really…show more content…
or girls that play with other toys.Researchers had many girls play with one of three dolls. One was a Barbie dressed as a model in a pink dress. The second Barbie was a doctor in a white coat and jeans! The third toy was a Mrs. Potato Head. After a few minutes of playing with the dolls, the girls were asked if they could someday be any of eleven different jobs. The girls who played with the Barbie, picked traditional jobs like teacher, librarian or flight attendant. But girls who played with Mrs. Potato Head had more job choices like, being firefighters, pilots or police officers. The researchers say job choices that Barbie seems to persuade the girls into could be due to her unrealistic and overly sexualized body image, rather than her outfits or careers. And the world is more realistic when seen through Mrs. Potato Head’ eyes. I just don't think some toys realistically put jobs into children's heads. Most of the jobs the toys promote are usually more traditional and oversexualized. some children are so effected by this “ideal” that they are turnig to deadly eating habits to solve their insucureites. theses habits could permantly effect these children. An online culture has emerged of women who not only admit to suffering from an eating disorder, but don't consider themselves to be "suffering" at all. Together, they share diet "tips", encourage one another to have the willpower to deny food, and

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