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Thanks to innumerable products available to the consumer, we are able to live long and healthy lives, while smelling and looking good. As of yet, no singular health and beauty commodity has been developed which can boast the ability to meet the necessary requirements to do it all; but one product came close in its infancy. Globally recognized Listerine mouthwash, began its long career as a do-all product. The best-seller began as an disinfectant, but was the go-to product for just about everything on its way up the consumer ladder - from floor cleaner to treating dandruff. British surgeon, Sir Joseph Lister, adhered to Louis Pasteur's contention that germs unseen by the naked eye, were the source of infection. In the later part of the 1800s, Sir Lister engaged the attention and services of Dr. Joseph Lawrence, from Missouri, U.S.A. Dr. Lawrence developed a surgical antiseptic, and named it “Listerine,” after his inspiration – Sir Joseph Lister. Because of its gentler composition, Listerine was less harsh and was suitable for various everyday applications: cleaning abrasions, a topical application for dandruff, a deodorant, and even cleaning floors.…show more content…
Lawrence, bought the license for the solution, and began marketing the product as an oral antiseptic. Jordan Wheat Lambert's intent was to infiltrate the dental field, and marketed Listerine as safe, non-toxic, and antiseptic. As a footnote, in very small print at the bottom of the advertisement were the words: LISTERINE® could get rid of bad breath. These words, genius marketing, and society's insecurities about appearance and natural bodily functions, precipitated Listerine's debut and enormous success in the world of

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