Research: Should Reporters Be Embedded Into War Zones

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Reporters have to venture out onto the field and in hot zones to get this information for their country to know about. Sometimes these reporters go out and never come back again. This is an issue that news organizations have and induces controversy as these people are risking their lives to get vital stories. The question here is, ‘Should reporters be embedded into war zones? What are reporter’s responsibilities? Are the news organizations responsible for these acts?” First things first, the answers to the questions. I believe that a reporter should do what she or he believes to be right, because they chose this career for a reason and the reason is because they have a passion for reporting and want to get the story out to the people. A reporter’s responsibilities are to follow the law and when they are interviewing someone to make sure they know you are recording information. Reporters also have to make sure that they present a reasonable explanation for the stories that they cover.…show more content…
Adler was filming a protest on June 23, 2006, in the restive Somali capital Mogadishu. Source- 2) Tareq Ayyoub- Tareq Ayyoub was a journalist who worked for cable news channel al-Jazeera. Ayyoub was killed when a missile hit al-Jazzera’s Baghdad office in Iraq. Ayyoub was only one of three journalists killed by fire from coalition forces. Source- 3) Remi Ochlik- Remi Ochlik died on Wednesday Feb, 22, 2012, in Homs, Syria when Ochlik and American journalist Maire Colvin were killed by the Syrian government. Source-

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