Comparison Essay: Tax Vs. Tax Free Government

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Tax vs Tax Free Government In the year 2058, the government of Vancouver have finally back down from being a tax free government to letting people open their own business. The people of Vancouver did not have the freedom to have their own business till this day due to Mike Johnson for standing up against the government for the people of Vancouver for tax free city. Life in Vancouver wasn't always so great due to tax free government, everything was owned by the government. You couldn't open your own business. In order to open your own business, you would have to get an approvement from the government to open up your own shop which was really tough for the people because they didn't earn much and they had to go a lot with the government which…show more content…
and Mrs. Johnson because money was tight. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson couldn't afford to send Mike to school but Mike wanted an education. Mike was only 10 when he started working. His parents weren't happy with him working but they didn't have a choice. They couldn't afford to live in the house, they needed Mike's help. It was really difficult for them and other families since everything was owned by the government. Everything in stores was so expensive that only the richest of rich people could afford it, not families like the Johnson. Mike worked for three years and in those three years, he became immature really quickly and realized that everyone’s life is messed up here in Vancouver. People struggle to open their own business. They worked more and earned less, their families were starving to death, and their children couldn't get a full education. The children started working at a young age to help their families. Many families became homeless because of tax free government. Mike investigated more and found out that every shopping mall, grocery store, hospital, animal shelter, anything you could think of was owned by the government. The people that had their own business had to give half of their profit to the government. Vancouver was a tax free city but no one was enjoying their life. Mike told his parents about

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