Comparison Of Fascism Italy And Nazi Germany

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During the time of Fascism Italy and Germany where the top two. Two countries with two different leaders. Mussolini ruling the country of Italy as Prime Minister from 1922 until being kicked out in 1943. and Hitler a German politician and the leader of the Nazi Party. He became the chancellor of Germany in 1933 to 1945 and the dictator of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. What ways are they similar? How are they different? What factors allowed these groups to come to power? What were the ultimate goals of each nation? What was the role of women in both societies? Hitler and Mussolini both had some ways and ideas that were similar more so when it comes to the ideologies of their political programs. The one main political program that the two men…show more content…
Keep in mind the similarities they had, there were some major differences. For example one major difference was the political view from Hitlers standpoint. His core belief was motivated by race. Hitler's passion: in one pure race, an “aryan race” and he also personally fighting against “jewish matrix” The true underlying cause of how these two men and their political party’s come to power was berth out of desperation, disadvantages and a sense of the peoples need to believe in something more. In the late 20's instability in the country’s economy caused Germany to lose almost six million jobs. Hitler used this as the jump of to create propaganda against government, blaming the current government. This gave him his window of opportunity and he took it. Italy was no different. They two were suffering from economic and political losses from WW1. We see from the early 20's Italy had five different governments, none of them able to take control. Mussolini seeing hisopportunity founded the Italian fascist party and won the 1921 elections that bring him into power. The true main goal of each nation was similar but different. Hitlers his main was is…show more content…
Now the position of women in a fascist society is one that is very rigidity and direct. Hitler and Mussolini had very similar view to women. In the fascist society of Mussolini women were to be ‘submissive women and strong mothers’. This role was promoted to the young girls of Italy. For Mussolini, woman should be would be a subservient happy and raising a large family. Mussolini’s drive behind his view on women was to ensure babies “sons of Italy”. Women in Nazi Germany were viewed very similar to Italy’s view on women. Hitler was very clear about the role women in his world. Germany thought that women should be good mothers at home with the children and their husbands out worked. Hitler clearly saw no logical reason why women should work. They taught young girls that all good german women married young, keep a decent home and to have have as many children as they could. The German government gave a loan of 1000 marks to newly married couples. In this loan if you had children 4 or more you would not have to repay the loan back. In conclusion during the time of Fascism, Italy and Germany where the top two.

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