Comparison Between 'Cousin Kate And My Last Duchess'

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In all three texts, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ , ‘Cousin Kate’ and ‘My Last Duchess’, women are treated as inferior to men, as , in the time of the texts, women were not economically independent and were subject to male egos. In a patriarchal society, women were expected to obey the “decree” of the ‘superior’ sex, as they were seen as objects or possessions. As Capulet’s daughter, Juliet was threatened with disinheritance because she did not want to carry out her father’s wishes. In ‘Cousin Kate’, the “cottage maiden” is abandoned when the “great lord” replaces her with her cousin. In ‘My Last Duchess’ the Duchess is murdered because the Duke is jealous of the affection she gets from other men. In Act 1 Scene 2 of ‘Romeo and Juliet’, Capulet is seen…show more content…
Although Juliet is not present at the time, her future is being arranged for her ,which in the time ,which the play was set, it was the normal convention for the daughter to be treated as a possession and property, meaning she is under her father’s authority. However, Capulet is seen to be caring, considerate and compassionate of his daughters feelings and asks to “let two summers wither in their pride”, implying he may want Juliet to have some childhood before she is committed and made to be a wife. Alternatively, Capulet seems very reliant on the life choices of Juliet and calls her “the hopeful lady” of his earth which could suggest he is looking to Juliet to fulfil his hopes. The way Capulet speaks to Paris about women suggests that they are objects, highlighting the inequality that women are there to fulfil male pleasure. Women are described as “fresh fennel buds” ; fennel is a known aphrodisiac suggesting women are present to just excite “lusty young men”. Furthermore, the way Capulet encourages Paris to look at many girls and choose, “and like her most whose merit most shall be”, this could show they think women are passive and there to be picked, like “buds”. In comparison he could be simply

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