The Influence Of John Wilkes Booth In Chasing Lincoln's Killer

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In the book, Chasing Lincoln’s Killer, by James L. Swanson, it is about how John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln and escaped. The main character, John Wilkes Booth experienced a risky event. He was America’s number 1 most wanted person at that time. But not only did John Wilkes Booth killed President Lincoln, but he had a great impact and influence in the world. John Wilkes Booth had a great impact and influence in the world because he changed something that was very important not only in America, but worldwide. One example why John Wilkes Booth is influential is because he was a hero towards the Confederates. I say this because the whole assassination of President Lincoln is for revenge for the Confederacy, since the Confederacy was losing in the war, they wanted to bring down…show more content…
Imagine you are in a battle and you are winning, but all of a sudden, the other side injured or killed your leader, which was the importance to your victory, how would you feel? I would feel miserable, and that is what the enemy team wants. Even though the Union is going to win, the Confederacy and especially Booth wanted the Union to feel miserable when they win the Civil War. The murder of President Lincoln was a big deal because if anyone found Booth or his helper, David Herold, the government would award that person with a huge amount of money. Additionally, in the book, it says, on page 111, “Detectives and soldiers were searching the Maryland countryside, hunting the murderer.” This sentence shows that the assassination of Abraham Lincoln was very critical because even soldiers are helping to find John Wilkes Booth. Usually, in a manhunt, soldiers would not be looking for the person, they would be fighting at war or on guard. All of this wouldn’t have happened if John Wilkes Booth hadn’t shot Abraham Lincoln down. Also, it would have saved the government a lot of trouble and

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