Engaging God's World Chapter 1 Summary

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The book, Engaging God’s World: A Christian Vision of Faith, Learning and Living by Cronelius Plantinga Jr., was both confusing and interesting. This book was wrote for students who are studying God’s word, and Christians who need a little extra help in understanding the Bible. The book discus’s aspects such as hope, sin, redemption, creation, Christianity, and scripture. The author cleverly titles each chapter to engage the reader. He relates the title to the information presented in the chapter. Each chapter builds on the earlier one and follows scriptures progression. Plantinga backs his opinion with scripture and research. Plantinga wrote the book for teenagers, college students and those who are young in the faith. He discusses intimate and controversial subjects, while backing it with scripture and research. He presents the book with enthusiasm and understanding of scripture. Throughout each of the chapters Plantinga discusses; our longing for worldly things, our hope for ourselves and others, creation, God’s saving grace, our sin, the fall of humans, and how to look past all the criticism to join a wonderful calling. In Chapter 1 Plantinga discuss the longing we feel for worldly things and God. He states that everyone longs for something, and we often try to…show more content…
We yearn to hope for ourselves, but need to work on hopeing for others. Platanga explains that hope has four ingredients; imagination, faith and desire. (pg 8) All of these emotions and ideas play a role in our hope. It is easy to hope for ourselves, yearn for something for use, but not so easy to yearn for others. Platanga expresses that this idea is what Christians should be striving for. We should be hoping for others, meaning we should be encouraging others to accomplish greatness or become fulfilled. We should long for others to be happy and assist in establishing it. This is what God created us for, it is part of him that was passed on to us when he created

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