Comparing Brutus And Other Characters In William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

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William Shakespeare is a writer who is very in depth. He shows us how deep his characters think and what they do throughout all aspects in his plays. The reader gets to dig into what the characters are actually feeling and how those thought and actions affect the other characters. In Julius Caesar, Shakespeare wants us to know that every person is different. He shows this by letting us see how characters act and think. Some characters like Cassius and Brutus are very much opposites. Brutus is a character that doesn’t like Caesar because he thinks that he isn’t fit to rule. At the same time, he is also very manipulative and is the center of the plan to kill Caesar. Using this to justify his plan, Cassius shows he is no integrity, and will do just about anything to kill Caesar even if it means rallying other characters. Brutus on the other hand is loyal to Caesar. However he does fall into Cassius’s to kill Caesar because he thinks he is going to take too much power and become some kind of dictator over Rome.…show more content…
Calpurnia is very intelligent and proves to be very wise. She also fears, and thinks that Caesar shouldn’t go to visit with the senate because of nightmares that she had been experiencing. All of her advice was like a prediction of Caesar’s death but she showed that she cared about Caesar unlike the other characters. Caesar himself shows that he is different from how he acts. The conspirators that kill him think that he isn’t fit to rule and wants to take full power over Rome. However, Caesar is the opposite of such claims. Even though he was winning battles left and right, he had the best intentions for the people. He denied the crown and stated in his will that he was leaving behind all that he owned to the people. In this, he disproves what the conspirators of his death were

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