Comparing Poems 'Revenge And Medea'

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Rationale: I chose the poem “Revenge” by Deedee Matins to compare it with the text chosen from the play “Medea”. Both texts revolve around the exact theme which is “manipulation”. This theme is implied between the lines of the two literary works. I also relate this poem to “Medea” as the two texts convey the same message showing that females can be extremely out of control and manipulative when they get displeased or betrayed by a person they truly love. Females might appear languorous, inefficient or even flawed in society. Although they are looked at as vulnerable, they are very talented in certain skills. Manipulation is one of their fields of expertise. The two texts clearly designate how women can change easily and shift to be very manipulative and circumspect. A woman will never accept the fact of getting humiliated and downgraded by others, mostly if by their lifelong partner. She might be described as weak and…show more content…
As a result, the main characters in both the poem and the play seem to anticipate in a very similar way. Medea’s character appears to be very menacing and dangerous as her true evil intentions were totally hidden from Jason, creating a dramatic irony in the play (the audience were aware of her intentions ,but Jason was not). Medea’s tactic was to manipulate Jason by giving him a fake apology that makes him feel triumphed then hurting him by depriving him from the most important thing he owns and will ever own, his children. This gave him a lesson that he will never forget in his life. Deedee’s character is also gruesome since it seems that she is drawing a careful evil plan that will shock the people around her. Deedee’s character is more perturbing than Medea’s since her intentions were hidden from both the audience and the antagonist. Whereas Medea’s intentions were only hidden from the antagonist

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