Comparing Mary Wollstonecraft And Marquis De Sade

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During the Enlightenment Period, countless philosophers put forward their varied point of views that revolve around the idea of humanity. Two philosophers that impacted this period were Mary Wollstonecraft and Marquis De Sade. Mary Wollstonecraft is nothing short of a remarkable woman and is widely acknowledged for her participation in feminism. Whereas, De Sade believes that all things are equal and cruelty is natural. As different as these two enlightenment thinkers are, they both propose ideas concerning humanity and whether or not it will work with nature. As Mary Wollstonecraft grew up she noticed the differences of equal rights between men and women. This caught her eye and provoked her to change the education system for women and make women rights equal to men. Wollstonecraft has a strong and logical argument of standing up for the rights of women, which eventually led her to being one of the founders of feminism. She believes…show more content…
He believes that society kills our natural process as beings. De Sade tends to be in favor of freedom; however from his point of view, freedom is already so complete that it isn’t necessary to have laws at all. He suggests that everything in the world should be equal. In other words, if it is legal to kill a deer then it should be equal to kill a man. De Sade questions how could there be a God when there’s so much evil in the world, leading him to believe that God must be cruel as well. Therefore, he thinks that humans should have the right to be as cruel as they wish to be. De Sade presents the debate of if murder is a crime in the eyes of nature or not and while he presents this he uses logic and facts to back up his proposal. His proposal as a whole would not fit into nature due to his abnormal viewpoint of equality. De Sade proves his instability by thinking that killing a man and deer is the same concept, which overall suggests that he will never fit into

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