Comparing Marie De France And Gilgamesh

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Love: the literary reasoning behind this emotion Great literary authors across time have used love to grab the attention of their readers. The love and compassion two characters share with one another had been considered a beautiful and inspirational to readers since the beginning of time. The two literary works that will be the focus of understanding is Marie De France and Gilgamesh. The meaning of love and the meaning behind this powerful emotion is what will be researched. Understanding love and the different aspects it consisted of considering love seems to come at certain levels of happiness to sadness. Although, love brings happiness, it can also bring sadness and the feeling of loss. Love is a strong emotion a human being can feel,…show more content…
While researching love the question of why do people love at all? Why is love a major part of Marie De France and Gilgamesh? The justification of love in literary works is to understand its value (Helm, and Bennett, 2013). The value is best described through Aristotle considering it describes having a meaningful relationship reflects self-acknowledgment proving the romantic partner proves to become a mirror to reflect one's character back at them (Helm, Bennett, 2013). When characters are viewed alone they seem to be imperfect, biased, as seen in Marie De France and Gilgamesh (Helm, 2013). Marie De France the poem described the love one character felt towards the other and how the love was expressed through symbols, but once the love was discovered by the jealous husband it was ordered to come to an end (Davis, Harrison, Johnson, Smith and Crawford, 2004). Once the lovers were separated their sadness was felt through the words of the author, as a result of the sadness of their separation the lover’s lost their lives (Davis, Harrison, Johnson, Smith and Crawford, 2004). The epic tales of Gilgamesh had a different distinction of love considering the love was between two men felt as friends or as a brotherhood that’s shared (Davis, Harrison, Johnson, Smith, and Crawford, 2004). Of course when the story began Gilgamesh and his comrade…show more content…
The love in a story or poem brings a certain connection between the reader and character (Anapol, 2011). The love and passion in the poem Marie De France brought the reader into the story, the picture that was developed through words gave a scene of beauty and love between to lovers (Davis, Harrison, Johnson, Smith and Crawford, 2004). The literary author also took the love of these lovers to the next level by showing how the love was no as perfect as it was to be assumed considering the heroin was a married woman (Davis, Harrison, Johnson, Smith and Crawford, 2004). This caused the reader to feel the sorrow the two lovers felt when they were forced to make a choice to live separate lives, never to be together (Davis, Harrison, Johnson, Smith, and Crawford, 2004). This is when love becomes complex considering the heroin husband loved her and felt other emotions along with the strong emotion such as jealousy, hatred, and sadness (Davis, Harrison, Johnson, Smith and Crawford, 2004). The complexity of love can also be defined as the love of two people, as well as the love of several people (Helm, Bennett, 2013). “Baier (1991), seeming to pick up on this understanding of love as exhibiting historicity”, says (p.

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