Compare And Contrast Civil War And The American Revolution

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American Revolution and Civil War Loyalists vs. Patriots American Revolution can be called Civil War too. The War divided country for patriots and loyalists. The United States in the times of Civil War wanted to retain sovereignty from Great Britain. The British wanted to have continuous control over the Americans and passed couple of laws to be applied in the entire Empire including colonies. Because there were no American representatives in the Parliament, Americans didn’t want to accept the British legislation. King of Great Britain George called American colonists traitors. But King George couldn’t go into another War with the American colony, because he was already in the war with Spain and France. However, no one wanted to start another…show more content…
But it doesn’t mean that the new country would not have many new problems to face through its first years. Union vs. Confederacy Union had strong industry, developed and strong Navy and comparably large population. However, the population was divided in the opinion and that was the weakness. Confederacy had strong support from the local population, one of the main strategy during the war was to hold on to the territories. At great help were the strong military leaders and support from the European countries. Confederates could fight defensive war until enemy will realize that they are undefeatable. Union outnumbered Confederates and they had three strategic plans how the enemy can be defeated. The first, cut supplies and blockage will paralyze Confederate Army. Second, launch of three simultaneous attacks to defeat enemy’s superiority. The third one was to use Naval Forces as well as use superiority in technology. The Union was in much better position, the population of Union was 22millions against Confederates 9 million. Manufacture based economy was well developed that gave great help with logistics to supply army needs, and had no trouble with transportation of

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