Comparing Hamlet And The Lion King

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The play Hamlet written by William Shakespeare talks about the death of a king, a father to Hamlet; the main character is hamlet who is struggling with some emotion and moral challenge concerning his father death and vengeance on who killed him.While the lion king a movie that talks about a young lion named Simba and his struggles when growing up.William Shakespeare Hamlet and The lion king similar in different occurrence,with each play having the death of the kings and the revenge by the king's son, also the corporate of the kings death are the kings brother, it can be said that “power is the root of most evil”. As identified in both story the murders of both kings where the brother trying to take power of the throne and rule the kingdom.…show more content…
looking at Hamlet’s play Claudius was the murderer of king Hamlet and in the lion king movie Scar was the killer of Mufasa, the king of the kingdom and Simba’s dad. it was also notable that after the death of the kings their killers took over the kingdom.Simba who is Hamlet liked the killer of their father when they discovered who it was. It took a strong conviction to make the two character vow to avenge the death of their father, in hamlet it was his father's ghost “late king Hamlet”,he recurred to hamlet telling him that it was Claudius his uncle that powered poison in his ears. It was more easy of Hamlet to believe that his uncle the king because he never liked Claudius but in the lion king it seem more like a humor when Scar tells Simba that he was the murderer of his

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