The Dreamkiller Analysis

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A detective investigates the murder of young woman and the only witness to the crime is a Wolf Dog. SYNOPSIS DETECTIVE STEVE CARPENTER (40’s) finds a Wolfdog covered in blood splatter. He believes the dog was present at a crime scene. He doesn’t know if the dog belongs to a victim or to the perpetrator. They trace the blood to a missing girl, MIKKI. Other young girls go missing. Steve leaves the dog at the animal shelter, but changes his mind. Steve hopes the Wolfdog can help him solve the case. He calls the dog Headshot. Steve meets a doctor, OLIVIA RUSSELL (38). She specializes in preventative medicine. She wants to help Steve solve the case. They rename the dog KYRO. They don’t know that the killer, labeled as the “Dreamkiller” is following…show more content…
Dreamkiller holds six women hostages. The Dreamkiller contacts attorney, CANDACE KINCAID (57); he wants her to represent him. Candace contacts Steve. However, Steve is taken off the case when he’s considered too emotionally involved. An FBI agent joins the investigation. Dreamkiller has several demands for numerous Congressmen and Senators. Candace moderates a televised and on-line negotiation conference between Dreamkiller and the Congressmen. The Dreamkiller outlines his demands. He wants a change in the tax system and how corporations run their businesses. His mother, REGINA, who worked all her life, lost her house. Later she died. He vowed to get revenge. On air, he fakes shooting himself, but when the demands are not met, he shoots several of the hostages, including Olivia and Kyro. On his own, Steve continues to track Dreamkiller down. Steve and the Dreamkiller eventually come face to face and make a deal for the hostages. Steve allows the Dreamkiller to escape out of the country. Steve finds the hostages – they are all alive. The shootings were faked and even the first murder of Mikki was staged to get the attention he wanted. With Dreamkiller safely out of the country, the women are freed, but they tell the congressmen that the demands of the Dreamkiller are now their demands. They support

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