Comparing Beowulf And The Wife's Lament

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In the excerpt of “Beowulf” and “The WIfe’s Lament” have themes of betrayal and anger in their texts. For example, in “Beowulf”, Unferth says to Beowulf, “In truth, Beanstan’s son fulfilled his boast that he could swim better than you.”(Lines 440-441), he says it in jealousy because Beowulf is a strong warrior. However, in “The Wife’s Lament” she speaks in sorrow, talking about her anger with her husband but then forgives by just thinking only about the good times, “I must far and near bear the anger of my beloved.” (Lines 25-26). The responses of both excerpts are not the same. For instance, “The Wife’s Lament” she responds by not thinking about the hard times only the good, “ Blithe was our bearing often we vowed that but death alone would

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