Courage In Nightfall By Isaac Asimov And Robert Silverberg

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Courage in Literature Courage is not defined by the absence of fear, but by the ability to conquer it. Courage is looking into the eyes of your opponent, and telling him “I’m not scared.” These descriptions of courage are why it is one of the most respected attributes in our culture today. Courage was a common theme throughout the three summer reading novels. While it was a highlight in those books, it is also commonly seen in many other works today. Although the summer reading novels highlight courage and teach about it through the many characters’ conflicts, it is also important that we understand the common theme of courage and apply it in our daily lives. In Nightfall by Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg, many characters showed their courage through the many unfortunate events that turned their world upside-down. Sheerin 501 is one of the people who rode the ride that…show more content…
When Vortigen wanted to give Merlin up as a sacrifice to the fortress, he had the courage to stand up to him. In a meeting with Merlin, Vortigen states, “A king’s stronghold should be built on blood” (Stewart 290). Merlin then replies, “When I left Wales, it was a country for civilized men, and for poets, for artists and for scholars, for warriors and kings who killed for their country” (Stewart 290). Instead of cowering in fear toward the great king, Merlin stands up to Vortigen and talks him out of making a human sacrifice. Also, because of the death of the old king and Cerdic, instead of staying in line due to fear of the new king, Camlach, Merlin sets his house on fire. “The fire had caught. My window glowed now, red with pulsing light” (Stewart 106). Instead of fearing the king, Merlin overcomes the fear of consequence and decides to light his palace on fire and leave. Rather than cowering in fear before his great enemies, Merlin has the courage to stand up to them every single

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