Compare And Contrast The Road Not Taken And We Never Know How High We Are

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In Robert Frost’s, “The Road Not Taken,” he tells a story of a man who must choose between two paths who, “Equally lay,” (Frost). The man laments that he will never return to take the other path. When the reader is reading this poem, they are able to see that the speaker doesn't want to conform, he wants to travel the road not many people have. In Emily Dickinson’s, “We Never Know How High We Are,” she tells a story of a person who is afraid to reach his full potential. She tells us that we never know how great we can be until the situation demands it. In both of these poems, they show us their views of human nature. Frost’s poem wants us to stand out and not conform, but in Dickinson’s poem she believes that we are fearful of what we can become. Dickinson writes that “ We never know how high we are. Until we are asked to rise.” This supports the belief that this poem is about a person who doesn’t know how great he can be until the situation demands it. But as the reader, reads more into the poem they realize that the speaker is actually afraid of being his best. “ For fear to be a king,” ( Dickinson), this means exactly what it says, if we put our minds to it we could be whatever we wanted to be, we could achieve our ultimate greatness. We are afraid to, though.…show more content…
He does not know which one he should take, but both will change his life. The speaker ends up choosing the one that he perceived to be less traveled. At the end of the poem Frost says, “ I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” Frost is trying to teach the reader that life is full of choices, and it’s up to the reader to on which one he chooses. You can choose the one everybody else does or you can follow your own

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