Compare And Contrast Shamanism Vs Buddhism

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[Shamanism Versus Buddhism whether if they could be compatible with each other] The two religions are completely two different types of religion. Looking at the origins of both religions, finding out the meanings behind each valuable practices and where it all began. First looking at the origins of the shamanism beliefs. Shamanism, is well known to be deeply connected to nature and ancestral beliefs. Shamanism started way back even during the Paleolithic and possibly the Neolithic times. The religion may not be well known but also is not invisible. Shamanism, is a practice that involves a practitioner that goes in and out of state of altered consciousness that interacts with the spirit world. Some may find this to be unbelievable and hard to comprehend that there could be someone that could be…show more content…
Shamanism is definitely more of the spiritual side and is for one to be in a different state of mind. As for Buddhism is for the people to follow Siddhartha and his teachings and methods of mediation and for to find happiness. Both religions could be similar in some little ways but are definitely not the same religions. They have ways of trying to heal as for shamanism would have to take a practitioner to heal another individual by either sacrificing their lives or by herbal medicine. As for Buddhism the way of healing is by showing/ giving your offerings to the monks and by that you be able to receive the power of healing. As you can tell that both have ways of healing but just different ways and techniques of doing so. Some can mistake that Shamanism since they are dealt with the spirit world and they have a different mindset that they are known to be frightening people. Which I believe is not true at all. Not just because my grandfather was a practitioner but it was because they are still healing people just like Buddhism would have done. Just with different

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