Compare And Contrast Plantation House By Bjelajac

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These two pieces of writing have an overall focus on plantation houses. Both authors bring their own take on the subject, which results in several noticeable differences between the information that is presented. Similarly, both authors provide a detailed explanation about the outside appearance of these houses, and the architectural structure that was common in these Virginian houses. Yet, Bjelajac seems to bring about different styles of plantations houses and their historical background while Craven seems to focus on a more particular style of houses and lacks some historical background but makes up for it with great descriptive details. Bjelajac goes into great detail with regards to the historic background related to these houses. He describes how William Byrd II, “ordered his father’s old woodern manor house torn down and replaced by an elegant and spacious red brick mansion designed after the Renaissance-inspired style of Sir Christopher Wren’s architecture” (Bjelajac 92). From that point on, Virginia style homes were designed after Byrd’s style. This new style, “Symbolized the modern triumph of civilization and the rational order of the Newtonian universe over barbarism” (Bjelajac 92). This new style of architecture was later named “Georgian” after the eighteenth century German…show more content…
His article on houses is organized based on the different types of houses that can be found (Drayton Hall, Palladianism, Double-Pile, and Royall). With each house section, he describes and provides visual images of the house’s architectural design. He then spends a lot of time describing the inners and outers of these style of houses so that the readers can almost imagine themselves in the houses themselves. While his writing was quite in depth, it was quite difficult for me to understand since he used some advanced

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