Compare And Contrast Mesopotamia And Egyptian Civilization

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Thousands of years ago two major cities, that would be massive contributors in our lives today, arose from the ashes. Around 3300 B.C. the world’s first civilization was established between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in southeastern Mesopotamia. Only two centuries later would come the next great civilization next to the Nile River in northeastern Africa. These early places came to be when nomads learned how to harvest their own food. This meant that they could settle down and not have to worry about constantly searching for food. Because of them settling down, this allowed time for inventing and creating new ideas. On either sides of the Red Sea two of the most noted civilizations in all of history both grew. They both developed beside rivers that would provide them with fertile land to harvest their crops. This also gave them a form of transportation and means to trade their goods. To have the power Egypt and Mesopotamia gained they had to maintain control of the rivers that they depended on for civilization. Their governments helped them stay strong and continue to thrive. The Egyptian government was based on a social pyramid, the pharaoh being at the top and peasant farmers being at the bottom. Mesopotamia, on the other hand, had a complex government. Rulers in each city-state kept…show more content…
They would both pray to many different gods in hopes they would help their civilizations to grow. The Egyptians had over 2000 gods and goddesses with different types of powers. They also believed that their pharaoh would become a god after they died. This lead to the creation of the pyramids. In the beginnings of early Mesopotamia they believed in many different gods until a Persian thinker named Zoroaster started to teach that a single wise god named Ahura Mazda fought a constant battle with the prince of evil and lies. Each individual of this religion would have to make a decision one day between either of

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