Wit: Scene Analysis

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Kara Kellenbenz Professor Chong Expository Writing April 7th, 2015 Wit – Popsicle Scene Susie, the nurse, who is constantly contrasted to the doctors in the movie, accommodates Vivian’s emotional state. Susie keeps Vivian company in moments of loneliness, reassures her in moments of anxiety, and brings her a popsicle to help with the dehydration of the chemotherapy after she asked for it. I find it interesting that Susie and Vivian have the most connection throughout the movie rather than Vivian and the other characters, such as the other doctors, Jason and Dr. Kelekian. I was attracted to this scene because I found it significant that Vivian split the popsicle, instead of having the whole thing to show possibly that they share a special bond and she wanted to share it with Susie. Vivian thinks that she brings her a popsicle and calls her ‘sweetheart’ because she claims her life has become very corny. It’s interesting to see that Susie cares more about Vivian and watching over her than the other doctors do and what makes their relationship different. It seems that Susie is very upset when Vivian tells her if her hearts stops beating to just let it stop instead of trying…show more content…
Vivian offered the other half of the popsicle stick to Susie so she wouldn’t be left alone. I believe that Vivian is scared of her heart stopping and that is why she wants Susie to stay and take care of her because they have a special bond and she’s afraid she won’t get to talk with her again. When Vivian calls Susie into her room, she mentions that she knows her cancer isn’t being cured and she chose to be DNR. It shows that Vivian accepted her fate a long time ago and had been thinking it about this decision for a long time. Although it shows that its not what Susie wants, she accepts Vivian’s request because she obviously cares about her and will make sure she gets her
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