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Grease I recently ventured out of my comfort zone and watched a movie that is known quite well through-out the world as “Grease.” For those of you who haven’t gotten the opportunity to watch “Grease,” in the simplest of words I can give to you is that “Grease” is a musical set in the 50’s about seniors in their final days of high school and freedom, and how they dealt with love. “Grease” takes place in the beautiful Venice, California. Although the release date wasn’t until the year 1978 the time period in the musical was the 50’s, 1959 to be exact. Danny Zuko, leader of the T-Birds, met Sandy Olsen at the beach over summer break, while she was on vacation from Australia, when her family ended up staying in the states. They fall in love but, when summer…show more content…
Olsen joins the popular group of girls, also known as the Pink Ladies, who often date the T-Birds. Sandy and Danny meet again but Danny is not the same. Sandy realizing that Danny is not the boy she met at the beach but just another tough guy who doesn’t express how he feels due to his reputation with his friends. Their social differences continue to keep them apart. John Travolta was perfect for the part of Danny Zuko, because naturally Travolta looks like a bad boy. Clearly he was not only chosen just for how well his looks suited the part but he was a young actor who was willing to play anything and anyone to the best of his ability to succeed in acting. In the movie “Grease” Travolta made looking like a bad boy so effortless and easy, it was something he was born to do, and “Grease” was the perfect musical to begin his career. Stockard Channing did exceptionally well portraying the part of Betty Alexander Rizzo, or known by nickname Rizzo. Rizzo is seen as tough, sarcastic and full of attitude in the beginning, and not all actresses

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