Compare And Contrast House Fire And Wildfires

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Topic 6: Scientific Topics Wildfires are very unique and dangerous but there are some scientific topics that are very similar to wildfires and most of them happen in similar ways. House fires are very similar to wildfires because they spread and need oxygen, fuel, and heat to start a house fire. Also they start in similar ways most of the time these fires are caused by people leaving burners on or lit cigarettes cloth to furniture or bedding, and sometimes it can even be lightning that starts both wildfires and house fires. Even arson is used to start both house fires and wildfires. Extreme heat is also a very similar to wildfires. When you think of extreme heat you don’t think of that being harmful but it is very harmful if areas are dry enough tons of heat can start wildfires or dry lakes and streams so if a wildfire is to happen we won’t have water to stop it. Extreme heat also starts fires on farms and plantations and that hurts the farmers who work there if they don’t have crops to sell and they won’t…show more content…
By using smoke detectors on the ground that are laid out at parks and in areas of increased risk for wildfires, we are able to detect them more quickly. Some parks have sprinklers spread out across parks so if wildfires happen the smoke detectors detect the fire and the sprinklers put it out or at least help to prevent the spread until help arrives. Many places, like California were they have a lot of wildfires are using manned and unmanned aircrafts as surveillance and even satellites, all for early detection. At some parks that people camp at they also have park rangers that enforce the rules and laws, to make sure the people put their campfires out properly.

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