Compare And Contrast Bundy And Dahmer

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Both Bundy and Dahmer had loving families while they were young children. Bundy had loving parents and grandparents. He was a wanted child and was never neglected. Dahmer also had a loving family. His mother and father both cared for him all throughout his childhood. At the age of 18, both Bundy and Dahmer faced life changing events. Bundy found out his thought to be sister, was really his mother. That caused a lot of emotional damage for him. Dahmer was left by his mother to fend for himself. That was a traumatic even for the teen. This also caused him irreversible damage. Bundy and Dahmer both graduated high school and went off to college. Bundy may have lasted longer in college, but the two ended up dropping out due to missed classes and failing grades. Both of…show more content…
Dahmer would spend his time dissecting roadkill. He would dismember dead animals, melt them in chemicals and then burry them himself. For a while that was good enough for him, until him impulses took over. Bundy and Dahmer were both Hedonistic killers. They received gratification from the sexual acts they performed. The more torture and mutilation they performed on their victims, the more pleasure they received. It didn't matter to them whether or not their victims were alive. Both of these killers used their looks and manipulative personalities to gain the trust of their victims. Bundy would fake injury or pretend to be a police officer. On top of being a law student with good looks, it was easy for him to persuade his victims into going near his vehicle. Dahmer would choose his victims from gay bars. He would act as if he was interested in his victim and get them to go home with him. once in his house, he would perform sexual acts which were usually consensual. Bundy and Dahmer were both diagnosed with mental disorders. These disordered played roles in their behavior and actions. Neither of these killers were able to show remorse or feelings toward their

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