Commentary On Forks Over Knives By Lee Fulkerson

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The saying, “You are what you eat”, may not be something to joke about, since 40% of Americans today are obese. For a country that obsesses so much over food, it seems that the health benefits we once associated with certain foods, may in fact be a lie. In “Forks Over Knives”, a documentary directed by Lee Fulkerson, two men, Colin Campbell and Caldwell Esselstyn, drearily illustrate the astonishing transformations that occurred in several middle-aged patients when they simply switched from a traditional Western diet to a plant-based one. So put down that bag of potato chips, and listen up. I can’t say I didn’t feel guilty after watching the documentary for the first time. The directors did a good job of making me, a regular connoisseur of all things meat, believe I could live my life without it, and eventually save myself from every disease they warned would result from it, and there were a lot. Meat has always been considered a viable protein, ever since the dawn of man. Yet, the documentary notes that dietary cholesterol, which is only found in animal foods, tends to stay in the blood stream, leading to more plaque buildup and over 500,000 heart-bypass surgeries per year, costing around $100,000 a person (CDC).…show more content…
It seems that the doctors in this film may have some facts they need to set straight, in more cases than

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