Mcdonaldization In Hollywood

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McDonaldization of the American Film industry McDonaldization is a term used by sociologist George Ritzer in his book The McDonaldization of Society. The definition of McDonaldization is “the process by which the principles of the fast-food restaurant are coming to dominate more and more sectors of American society as well as the rest of the world” (Ritzer, 2013). McDonaldization started with the opening of the first McDonald’s, and now it’s slowly affecting everyday life. In order to examine the influence that McDonaldization has on Hollywood movies, the elements of Hollywood movies are tested against the four principles of McDonaldization. Hollywood is a district of Los Angeles that is associated with the American film industry. Before analyzing this, we have to define what a Hollywood movie actually is. A Hollywood…show more content…
According to Ritzer, both the consumer and worker are part of control. It is hard to tell to what degree the content of Hollywood films is controlled. To analyze how both the workers and consumers are part of control, we will use fast food restaurants as an example. Every fast food restaurant has a couple of factors in common; long lines of people, set menus, few options and uncomfortable seats. The reason therefore is so that customers can eat quickly and then leave. In comparison with going to the movies, there will probably be long lines depending on the movie. However, when it comes to uncomfortable seats, this is the contrary. When it comes to few options, movie theaters will not screen two movies with same genre at the same time. This is also the case if an actor is in multiple movies. The reason that this is being done is to make sure that no competing products are lined next to each other and to make maximum profit. It is difficult to tell to what degree the content of Hollywood films is controlled. However, the influence of different actors does play a major role in

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