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Philip the Apostle Philip, an ordinary man was called to by Jesus himself to become a disciple. He was one of the original twelve apostles. Little is known of Philip, but he is believed to have accompanied Jesus to many important events. He was also one of the only apostles to be called to be a follower by Jesus and not through someone else like most of the other apostles. Philip was an important apostle even though he is not mentioned as much as some others. Philip’s past is somewhat of a mystery. Not a lot is said about Philip’s life before becoming a disciple of Jesus. Even after he becomes a disciple there is little mentioned about him. It is known that Philip was from Bethsaida on the Sea of Galilee. Peter and Andrew were also from Bethsaida and they were probably acquainted with each other. They could have even been friends. There is no mention of who his parents might be or of his occupation before following Jesus. Some writers claimed that Philip had three daughter, but Philip the apostle is often confused with Philip the deacon and evangelist. Philip the deacon also had daughters, so it’s not confirmed that Philip the apostle actually had any…show more content…
Legend has it that he and Bartholomew were preaching and killed a snake in a temple dedicated to serpent worship. They killed the serpent through prayer. Some of the snake bites were healed by Philip. The governor and the pagan priest of the city then had them crucified because they were angry. An earthquake shook the earth while they were on their crosses. Everyone was knocked to the ground and Philip prayed for them to be safe and one nce the earthquake stopped, the people wanted the two disciples to be released. The people’s wishes were fulfilled and they were released but only Bartholomew survived. Philip’s remains were moved to the Basilica of the Twelve Apostles. It is dedicated to him and Saint James so they have come to be celebrated on the same

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