1920s Football Research Paper

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This paper was written to give the reader of it information and facts about football as an american sport in and around the 1920s. I chose this topic because it interests me very much as I hope it does you too. Football the American sport was derived from soccer and rugby over in England 1876, Where the rules of the two games are so different that it took someone to say “lets just pick up the ball and run instead of kicking it with our feet”. To start off the NFL ( National Football League) a meeting took place at Ralph Hays Hup Mobile dealership in Canton Ohio on Aug. 20 1920. this eliminated the pre existing league APFA ( American Professional Football Association). The APFL was known as the father of the NFL. Equipment during these early stages of football was very poor. In fact it was not uncommon for players to not even wear helmets before the 1920s. It didn't even matter anyway because the helmets were just flimsy leather caps with a little padding often mistaken for aviator caps. But now days it is the rules to use any safety equipment possible. There are even concussion…show more content…
The game back then was very different from what it is today. Football was a lot less strict on rules and regulations, and a lot less understood. for example now there are so many rules that your cleats that you wear have to be approved by the NFL. The game as you know it has been changed by many people, but there is one man in particular, Walter Camp. He is considered the father of modern football. Football took off fast once it began in the early 1900s. By 1920 there were more than 10 professional football teams. By 1926 a rival league was born, the AFL. The AFL challenged the NFL but only lasted one season. In 1927 the NFL dropped 12 teams and added only two, the Cleveland Bulldogs and the New York Yankees, and yes the Yankees, they were in the league from 1926 to

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