College Admissions Essay: Being Perfect In High School

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Being “Perfect” isn’t worth it “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence” –Vince Lombardi High school is not always what you expect it to be. Being a teenage girl attending high school and wanting to express herself was very difficult. It was even more difficult when people doubt you cause you live in a city ranked second for poorest city. From the first day you walk in as a freshman to the last day you walk out as a high school graduate, I guarantee, you will be judged whether it's good or bad. My years in high school were hard and wasn’t very appealing. I found my freshman year easy, but I think when I hit my sophomore yet that I realized graduating may be…show more content…
I was also always around the wrong crowd. I used to procrastinate on my school work or never do it. I just wanted to fit in and be “perfect” to everyone. Yet I don’t know why but it really sucked sometimes because I had so much pressure on me from teachers and family that I wanted to give up. I just thought of dropping out. Yet I didn’t want to be what others call a statistic. All the way up until high school I always had a passion for expressing myself but I never knew how. Eventually I found my answer, Art. In which form of art would I express myself ? I didn’t know. I decided I’d do nail art or be a tattoo artist, but my mom said being a tattoo artist wasn’t really an option for me, and many people didn’t approve cause I am a female. Wasn’t until I started high school that I also started Reading Muhlenberg Career and Technology Center. Best choice I ever made. I loved it so much it became one of my motivations. I attended RMCTC for Sewing and Clothing Manufacturing. That’s when I decided I’d express my art through fashion. They had told me in order to remain in RMCTC you had to maintain your grades and you attendance which was a major problem for me at first. I barely made it

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