Citizen Eco Drive Analysis

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The advertisement for the Citizen Eco-Drive by Eli Manning has a great deal of depth. By analyzing it consumers can see what types of strategies this company is using to lure people into buying the product. Each of these components used are what make the advertisement so effective. These appeals are widely used and combined they make the product look much better than it is. The Fowles’ advertisement appeals that are used are the need for attention, the need to achieve, the need to be dominate in life and also the need for prominence. People in the twenty first century crave attention and they will go to great lengths to receive this attention. You can tell people crave attention by what they buy. Someone does not go buy a Ferrari for the fuel…show more content…
People today still crave making it big and have success in their life. The advertisement’s spokesperson is Eli Manning. He is an extremely successful quarterback in the NFL; he has been crowned the MVP two years and he has led his team to two championships. They chose him because he has achieved in life, and when people see him they see a successful person who has achieved his dream. So the consumer may think that if they purchase this product it will make them more successful or at least feel successful. Some may also purchase this watch because they believe people will see them wearing it and think that person has achieved in life. Besides wanting to achieve people also want to dominate in all aspects of their…show more content…
The definition of prominence is the state of being important or famous. Many people can think of when they were kids and they dreamed of a time in their life when they were famous and well known. The ad is telling consumers that famous people wear this and you can dress like them. People are drawn to this: being similar to celebrities. That is why companies have celebrities in the advertisement of their product. In this advertisement, Eli Manning is about to throw a pass. He is an important person to his team and fans. Without him, the team would fail and people see him as an important figure when it comes to the team he plays for. The feeling of being famous is related to the feeling of being important. A lot of people just want to be important in their lives. That feeling could be directed to their job, family, or peers. Having this product could make them look a little more important than without it. People at work or on the street see this person with their fancy watch and they think “wow”. If this guy can afford that, he must be important. Or else he wouldn't be able to buy such a stunning product. Prominence is one of the most important selling points in this

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