Cleveland Cavaliers Research Paper

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The National Basketball Association is a professional basketball league in North America. It is well known worldwide as it is a very pre-eminent men sport’s league. Since the year 1949, this association locally and internationally hosted basketball leagues which gathered an outstandingly amount of supporters. In this year’s basketball season, different teams work their hardest to win in the championship league, but there is one team that stands out among the rest. The Cleveland Cavaliers is the best team in the National Basketball Association in this year’s season because they have a good defense and offense, are composed of All-Star players, and they have a trusted captain, Lebron James, that can strategize outstandingly for the team. The Cleveland Cavaliers started the season with low defense and offense, but when the team began to form with new All-Star players, they improved their defensive and offensive strategies to increase their winning streak. “The Cleveland Cavaliers are an elite offensive team. They have the second most efficient offense in this season. Since January 15th, the team is scoring 111 points per 100…show more content…
“Lebron James announced himself returning to the Cavaliers after leaving the team last 2010 due to controversial circumstances” (McCallum 68). Due to Lebron James’ return, the Cavalier’s home games increased by fifty percent this season. An increased in games occurred because Lebron James is a very popular basketball player. He has sparked the hype of all basketball fans in America. This is highly acceptable because he is a very valuable player. Not only is he skilled and talented, but he is also respectful and cooperative. This makes him a good team captain. He also has amazing agility, speed, and movement. Because of his good strategies and sportsmanship, he is well-able to fulfill his duties as the team’s

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