Clementine Ford's Argument For Equal Rights Between Men And Women

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Equality means a loss to those in privilege, and that’s okay by Clementine Ford, is beyond a shadow of a doubt, an interesting read. Although I do not agree with her one of her main idea, there are many things she discussed, that I share the same perspective on. C Ford, is an advocate for equal rights between men and woman and as a member of the latter sex, I couldn’t have agreed more. From my reading, it seems clear that the author is a feminist as her article is only based on improving the rights and equality for women. Based on my interpretation, she thinks that we as women are not treated fairly and the opportunity for us to excel is not given. (n.d.), defines Equality as “the state or quality of being equal;…show more content…
Personally, I see this as being unfair and it also goes against what we are advocating. If we want equality, it should be equality for all, therefore, it is unfair to ask the males to take a step back or keep quiet for a female. Would we do the same if it was a female speaking or in front? To me, the article victimizes women and make men seem as the ‘big green monster’. When indeed, the conceptual idea that men are the superior gender was not only formulated by men. Women have accepted this way of life for many centuries and it is far time, we escaped from this mental prison and liberate ourselves. The article seems to objectify that females should be handed the torch, whereas, I believe that it should be worked for. A comfort zone or a sense of acceptance should not be created for women. Like a man, we should fight for it. As previously indicated, I do accept many of her points in this article. The most powerful statement that she made to me is, ‘If all you can think about when you think about equality is everything you stand to lose, then you’re not trying hard enough’. I agree that as an advocate for equality, all selfishness would have to be removed. However, it made me consider what the author truly wants? It makes me question, if the writer really wants equality or equity.

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