Civil War Vs Skyrim Essay

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American Civil War Vs the Skyrim Civil War When one thinks of videogames, do they ever think that history has a factor in creating them?In fact, many everyday videogames are derived from historical events.From medieval kingdoms, to the battlefields of Afghanistan, to the furthest reaches of outer space, videogames often mimic present and past historical events regardless of what the game is about. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is no different. When the player isn’t slaying dragons or venturing through ancient burial sites, he or she partakes in the Skyrim Civil War. The Skyrim Civil War takes place between the imperials and the Stormcloaks which is incredibly similar to the American Civil War between the Union and the Confederates. The game is a…show more content…
However, they also have many differences in these same aspects. Nonetheless, Skyrim still teaches the player about the impacts of the war from a realistic view. The Logistics of the Wars The concept of war is very simple; one group fights another. There are many factors in each war such as the commanders, the generals, and the locations. President Abraham Lincoln was the leader of the Union and President Jefferson Davis was the leader of the Confederacy during the American Civil War. In the Skyrim Civil War, Jarl (similar to a governor) Ulfric Stormcloak headed the Stormcloaks and Jarl Elisif of Haafingar led the Imperials (The Elder,2014). All four of these people were heads of their “lands”. However, Lincoln and Davis had control over many states. Each state had its own governor but the presidents had the final say. Ulfric and Elisif lead their own cities and neighboring towns (The Elder,2014). This led to them having to ally the other Jarls in the region. Creating this similarity makes the game better by giving each of the sides one person to represent them, allowing the player to choose who they want to side with from the Jarls’ appearances and actions. This bipartisanship shows the struggle that many citizens had in choosing who they thought was

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