Cinderella Vs Disney Research Paper

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The popular fairytale Cinderella has two versions the Grimm and Disney yet both have their similarities they also have big differences. These changes can be found all throughout the stories; things such as the characterization and conflict. The Grimm’s tale is more gruesome while the Disney version is more upbeat and kid friendly. In the both Grimm’s and Disney story start off talking about her sick mother turning into her last words “Dear child, be good and pious, and then the good God will always protect you, and I will look down on you from heaven and be near you.” Ending in her right after. After sometime her father gets remarried, bringing in a mother and two other daughters about her age. Soon after they join families the father leaves for a festival; before leaving he ask the girls what they want from the festival they ask for dresses and jewelry, but Cinderella asked for the first branch that hit his hat. This is where the two stories start to differ. In the Disney version when the father leaves something happens and he doesn’t come back…show more content…
It brings her the things she desires; every night of the ball she went back to the tree repeating the words “Shiver and quiver, little tree, silver and gold throw down over me.” Every time she said this the bird would bring her something new every time; the dresses and shoes getting more a more extravagant every night of the ball. Without the magic Cinderella was able to leave when she wanted, each time the prince trying to follow her but losing her. The first night she managed to escape by hiding inside the pigeon-house where he met Cinderella’s father. The second night she climbed up a pair tree but jumped off the other side before the tree was chopped down. The last night the prince ordered his guards cover the stairs in tar so she would not be able to escape but she did only leaving behind her left

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