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1) -In Boone County Kiwanis Global Youth Leadership Academy I represent my class by going on field trips with nine other students chosen by the teachers of Lebanon High School. In this organization we get involved with how to improve our community and where to start. By senior year I have to complete a community service project with the other nine in my group. -I am also the treasurer in Z-club hoping to move up to president my senior year. Z-club is a woman empowerment club. In this club we like to paint the tiger paws for homecoming, make baskets for pregnant woman in the high school with things for the baby in it, the Shalom house which helps feed the misfortunate, and many other activities. -I am a manager for the girl’s soccer team. In…show more content…
I always help my classmates if they don’t understand what to do or how to do it. In my community I demonstrate a positive attitude and a hopeful outlook on the future. I show respect to the adults in my life, give trust to my peers, and show responsibility in the classroom. When it comes to stepping up and leading a group I get everyone involved and like to get my work done efficiently. 3) A leader should be trustworthy, responsible, respectful, should know how to compromise, and show that they are incorporating everyone’s thoughts into a discussion without just making the decision for that person. 4) I have seen, hands on, that there is an issue with children and adults not having anything or not enough to eat. I have also noticed that the students in Lebanon are dropping out or just not trying in school and I would like to have a program where people that made those decisions get to sit down with these students and show them what really happens. The third thing but not the last thing I have seen is bullying and I do know that the school is already looking for ways to fix this. Although, I would like for the administration to ask for the students advise in how it is working and how it can be

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