Chlorella Research Paper

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What Is Chlorella? If you like eating healthy foods, chances are you are familiar with chlorella. It was mainly used in Japan or Asia as a food additive. Chlorella is a green algae that surfaces in fresh water. Because it contains plenty of antioxidants, this ingredient is found in the Paleo Hemp Berry Blast Ultra-shake, along with iron, vitamins B & C, and protein. Belonging to the sea, chlorella owns a magnitude of chlorophyll and has the ability to prevent viruses, some forms of bacteria, fungi and tumors. This source was uncovered sometime in the 19th century as a natural healing agent. What are the Benefits of Chlorella? Chlorella has many healthful benefits. It helps to fight infections while stimulating the immune system. It promotes the digestive stream or gastrointestinal tract in which it raises the level of good bacteria. This is good news if you suffer with cancer, ulcers, bad cholesterol, diverticulosis or Crohn's disease.…show more content…
It seems to raise the white blood cell count in HIV patients as well as cancer patients. In conjunction, it helps to prevent viruses so they can live healthier longer. This is why we recommend consuming Ultra-shake's Strawberry Coconut Dream protein shakes, or the Yogi Bless Mango Amla Shake or smoothie and the Paleo Hemp Berry Blast Ultra-shake. By boosting the immune system, the patient is able to ward viruses. Those of you who suffer with high cholesterol readings should treat yourself to a Strawberry Banana Split Superfood Protein Shake. Or at least, a cooling Blueberry Goji Mocha Superfood Protein Shake to lessen the effects of triglycerides in the body. One of Ultra-shakes a day, will reduce over all serum lipid risk

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