Chin The Most Influential Dynasties In Chinese History

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The Chinese history is full of many historical events that shaped China to be what it is today. China is known for many things such as the Great Wall of China and the Terracotta Army, but most importantly their dynasties. In China there is a long run of dynasties, which are heredity rulers of a country. The first dynasty to ever be considered a true dynasty was the Shang Dynasty in the 17th century B.C. After the Shang Dynasty followed the Zhou Dynasty, the Qin Dynasty, then one of the most important and influential dynasties in Chinese history, the Han Dynasty. The Han Dynasty is very important because it was a successful time for the Chinese since it is known as the longest dynasty reign. It all begun when the Qin Dynasty fell and a man…show more content…
For a dynasty to last for such a long time, there had to be something special about the dynasty. The Han dynasty is known for their very strong and advanced military. At the time, the most advanced weapons included the sword and a crossbow. Stirrups also helped the military be stronger because men were able to stay on their horses better if someone attempted to knock them off. The military had many victories during the reign of the Han Dynasty. The Qin Dynasty started the strong military, and then when the Han Dynasty took control they continued building the military to be one of the best and…show more content…
One major invention was paper and it was high quality paper compared not only to the paper around the world at the time, but also today’s paper. The invention of paper also led to the first printing press. Another important invention was cast iron tools. The creation and perfection of cast iron tools not only helped them at the time to improve their weapons, but it was a huge inspiration for the creation of the tools that we have today. Then, the creation of the loom played a huge role in silk weaving and that helped increase the amount of silk that was creates so more could be sold on the Silk Road. Some cultures still use the loom to this day to create other fine materials while others just work with a sewing machine for materials that aren’t as fine as silk. Some of the other inventions include the wheelbarrow, stirrups on horses, and

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