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A Dolphin in the Woods There are times where we take accomplishment in things that most people wouldn't understand. It could be something you made, or something you did that seemed like the world to you— but nothing to another person. One thing that gives me a great sense of accomplishment is being given the alias Chief Dolphin in the Depths. It was a brisk summer night at camp Hi-Sierra, a Boy Scout summer camp program that many troops across the Bay Area attend for a whole week. I was sitting shoulder-to-shoulder on cinderblock benches alongside my friends in an outdoor amphitheater. The sky was dark with a blanket of stars hiding behind the silhouettes of the towering pine trees. The only source of light came from the crackling campfires on each end of the dirt stage and the glistening river behind it. It was the last night of my week there, and all the campers gathered together for the concluding campfire. As soon as the fun and joyful skits were over, the camp staffed kicked dust onto the campfires and weakened…show more content…
Our guide led us to the ceremonial campfires where we found a council of chiefs standing concaved towards us. They introduce themselves, and speak of our accomplishments. There are three dimming fires in front of us, each representing points of the Scout Oath— duty to self, country, and God. We were asked to take a vow of silence until grace next morning, and have the honor of sleeping on the Chief Rocks as our final assignment. As the ceremony came to an end, I hike up to my campsite in silence. I grabbed the sleeping bag from my tent and thought about the name that the council could be giving me. The chief names are usually tailored to the individual's personality, and I had trouble what to expect. I trotted back down from the campsite, and found the most comfortable spot I could on the hard rocks. As I stargaze into the night, my eyelids grow heavy among the other chiefs beside

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