Penelope In The Odyssey Essay

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The literal portrayal of the mythological character of Penelope from the classical to medieval times is of a faithful, loyal wife to Odysseus. Though throughout intervals in between that time the character of Penelope was portrayed, the opposite from what she was being portrayed. Penelope changed from being the faithful, loyal wife to the unfaithful. Instead of this role she was mostly always portrayed, as an exemplary loyal wife to follow in contrast to many others, like Clytemnestra or Helen. The character of Penelope in “The Odyssey of Homer” portrays this view of the character that we, the reader can understand more clearly and analyze between other interpretations. Penelope demonstrates her fidelity towards her husband Odysseus that…show more content…
Due to that she still honors that love they both had. Not letting anything come in between to destroy it. Like the suitors who want to take his place and become her husband. Penelope demonstrates that she is faithful and will keep true to the man she loves no matter what. Though, she is not sure if Odysseus is alive or dead. That does not make her change her plans of continuing to deny the suitors in their proposal of marriage. This also strengthens her chastity that makes her more valuable to the eyes of everybody. Since she is a virtuous women with all the traits needed to be…show more content…
In Medieval eras this character is portrayed as a “shameless prostitute who dissipated Odysseus goods with her suitors and enjoyed the spectacles of his humiliation” (Mythic 4). This is a different description of Penelope that can be very unheard of since her character is one of a “chaste, good, honest women” (Mythic 4). Instead throughout time her character evolved into a new one that brings a different view of her. Helping the reader choose between which portrayals of Penelope is more interesting to

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