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Stockholm born denim brand Cheap Monday prides itself on offering fashionable jeans for affordable prices. Everything started when Örjan Andersson (current creative director), Adam Friberg and two of their friends opened a second-hand store in the suburbs of Stockholm. It was open only on Saturdays and Sundays and was called Weekends. The store became a success among young trendy urbanites and was then moved from the suburbs to the centre of Stockholm. Now open every day of the week, it consequently changed its name to Weekday. Weekday offered a diverse range of jeans that was considerable to be fashionable and attractive to the hip crowd of the city. They sold high-end jeans brands as well as second hand jeans. Noticing a gap in the denim market, Örjan Andersson had the idea of creating an affordable jeans brand that offered a fashionable style, typical of high-end brands at the time: Cheap Monday. The first 800 pairs of unwashed skinny jeans sold out within a couple of weeks, making Cheap Monday a profitable investment. In 2008, they joined forces with the H&M group and since then it has expanded over Swedish borders, becoming a megabrand.…show more content…
Its identity is based on merging influences of street fashion with subculture and a trendy feel. It has a rebellious approach to fashion and likes to push the boundaries while staying humble. The inspiration for the brand, according to its creative director Örjan Andersson, comes from the Stockholm urban scene. He builds its image based on hanging out with friends in rock music concerts, on talking to trendy people, from surfing the Internet rather than by travelling, and from history. Based on its identity, Cheap Monday can be seen as a contemporary brand made for the young individual, assumedly between 18 and 35, who blows out cash on the weekend being left with an empty wallet by

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