Charlie Babbit Movie Disorder

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In the movie, Tom Cruise plays Charlie Babbit, a self-centered man who places all of his time and energy into his car business. Charlie’s relationship with his father ended on a mutually bad note, and he had not spoken or heard from his father in years. Years later he learns that his father has passed away and in his will has left Charlie a car, the very Buick that started the relationship ending feud between the two men. Charlie also finds out that his father left his three million dollar fortune to an anonymous man he does not know. He realizes that the money has gone to a man named Raymond. Upon finding Raymond, who is institutionalized, he also discovers that he is his brother. Charlie decides the best way to reclaim the money is to kidnap…show more content…
The most noticeable characteristic of his disorder was the multiple nonverbal behaviors. Raymond could not look anyone in the eyes, and he is also slouched down when spoken to or carrying on a conversation. Raymond did not like to be touched in anyway. He did not like when Charlie tried to hug him or touched him. When Charlie was asked a question he often answered with “I don’t know”. When meeting new people he tensed up and did not want to look or act like anyone was there or speaking to him. Similarly, normal social situations made him nervous. Some of these situations were being in a large group of people, or around loud noises. Raymond freaks out the morning the fire alarm is set off and starts hitting himself until the beeping stops. Raymond had trouble carrying on a conversation. When spoken to he would often not speak back or answer with short answers. Raymond would never start up a conversation with others or acted like he wanted to be around others. He often stood back and kept to himself. When Raymond became nervous he would start talking about baseball statistics each time a conversation started up that he was uneasy about. He also used many repetitive phrases throughout the movie. He often repeats the phrase “I don’t know” in the

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